For OVER 34 years, Advanced Technologies, Incorporated (ATI) has been developing safety critical real-time embedded commercial and military software.

Our customers are our first priority.  We guarantee both performance and on-time delivery.

ATI is a small women owned Florida Corporation

    * We are experts in Linux and Open Source

    * We have designed, implemented, tested, and

        - Missile Guidance Systems
        - Traffic Intersection Control Systems
        - Flight Control Systems,
        - Satellite Communication Systems,
        - Weapon Tracking Systems,
        - Autopilots,
        - Operating Systems,
        - Traffic Collision and Avoidance Systems (TCAS)
        - Transaction Processors and other safety critical 

          classified software.

    * We perform independent validation of safety critical embedded software

    *  Every employee has current and/or previous security clearances including Secret, Top-Secret, and Special Access.