Our Services Include:

  • Software Engineering Contracting with Extremely Competitive Rates
  • Independent 3rd Party Formal Testing and Validation of Safety Critical Software
  • Custom Software Development for Embedded Systems
  • Prototype Design and Development
  • Charity Programming


Advanced Technologies has decades of success stories.  Our expertise is in developing real-time embedded software.  We also develop prototypes running on SOC (system on computer) and SOM (system on module) kits.  All our employees have engineering degrees and thrive in software development.

  • Linux Software Development (Including Embedded)
  • Object Oriented and Object Based Design
  • Independent Validation of Safety Critical Embedded Software
  • VxWorks, LynxOS, VRTX, ARTX, Solaris, Unix, Windows, GCOS
  • Java and Android Software Development and Validation
  • Open Source Software Tools (MySQL, OSRMT, Umbrello, gcc, BOUML, Ecliplse, netSNMP, cvs, gdb, ddd, Gtk+, Libre Office, etc) and Development
  • Building gcc Cross Toolchains
  • Ada83,Ada95,Ada05 Embedded and Host Software Development
  • Hardware/Software Integration
  • Classified Software Development
  • C / Assembly Language Embedded Programming
  • CORBA and IDL
  • Clearcase and Clearquest
  • ROSE, Software-Thru-Pictures, Teamwork, Structured Architect.  UML and OMT
  • Legacy Support: JOVIAL, PLM, FORTRAN, PASCAL