Live Intersection Testing

SCOPE was field tested at a live intersection, West Oak Ridge and Harcourt, in Orlando, Florida on January 31st, 2013. We would like to thank the Orange County Traffic Engineering department for their assistance and support.

The intersection under test was a pure NEMA TS2 Type 1. SDLC port 1 was used for all input and output. Connector A on the controller was used for power. The tests revealed that SCOPE needs to latch the 24 volt pin on connector A so the MMU would not trip. This was bypassed using a jumper in the field so testing could continue. The MMU also tripped because SCOPE did not default pedestrian detectors to red. This was bypassed by pulling the pedestrian load switches. Lastly, the intersection under test required sequential execution of Phases 4 and 8. SCOPE was developed to the NEMA standard that specifies 4 and 8 can run concurrently. This can be modified by changing a table in SCOPE and recompiling. However, it was decided that the best fix is to expose this table to the traffic technician via SCOPE's user interfaces. A problem report was written.

This first video shows the intersection before swapping its Eagle Controller with ATI's PEEK ATC-1000 SCOPE controller.

This next video shows the intersection's cabinet and Eagle controller prior to SCOPE.

This video shows the intersection's controller being replaced with SCOPE and SCOPE's initial testing that exposes the issues listed above.

Lastly, this video shows SCOPE controlling the intersection after the 24v and pedestrian bypass.


ATI has received permission from the Orange County Traffic Control division to retest in their labs after we have corrected the 24v latch and pedestrian issues. These are simple fixes.

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