ATI's NTCIP contract was not part of SCOPE. We developed NTCIP shared agent libraries that allow a user's application to interface to Central Management Systems with little effort on the user's part. Our NTCIP libraries contain C,C++, and Ada interfaces (Java can be added). A user's application can include these interfaces and make calls to our library routines to send data to or receive data from managers. The data is completely held or instantiated within the libraries so user data is not affected.

SCOPE uses these stand alone NTCIP libraries to facilitate NTCIP 1201 and 1202 communication with traffic control Central Management Stations. Central management stations are able to set SCOPE parameters and read SCOPE status using NTCIP sets and gets.

ANY NTCIP Management Information Block (MIB) can be modeled and implemented in the same way that NTCIP 1201 and 1202 were done.

The engineering test results page contains engineering tests for EVERY table field and scalar field with NTCIP 1201 and 1202.

ATI's NTCIP interface libraries have been ported to

1) Pentium Processor and Windows

2) PowerPC and Linux

3) Two ARM versions and Linux

Engineering Test Results

Several applications were developed to test the ATI NTCIP libraries. We developed an agent simulator that set every single field available in NTCIP 1201 and 1202. Then, we developed a manager simulator that read each field and insured that the data was correct (the same as what was set by the agent simulator). Next, the manager would set/modify all fields that were read/write. The agent would asynchronously read the modified data. Also, the manager would re-read the modified data to make sure the modification occurred.

This tested all possible fields and combinations. In addition, we tested data outside the ranges of fields to insure it was rejected.

All tests passed. The results are below. The test output is ntcip_test_output.txt. Other files show data passed to and from the agent to manager and visa versa.

ITS Cabinet Test Results

ATI's NTCIP 1201 and 1202 libraries have been integrated with SCOPE in an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) roadside cabinet. SCOPE's prototype hardware was used for this integration. Net-SNMP was cross compiled for the prototype hardware using gcc/g++ PowerPC Linux target cross compilers built by ATI. SCOPE was modified to link in the NTCIP libraries and use the methods provided to receive and send NTCIP data.

We simulated a Central Management Stations sending and receiving NTCIP commands. The video below shows the setting of the NTCIP 1202 red clear parameter. The original value was 3 seconds. We modified it using an NTCIP command to 6 seconds. The new red clear time shows up instantly in SCOPE (visible in the SCOPE's GUI). The load switches in the cabinet have indicators (A,B,C) that reflect the state of the light connected to them. The video shows the transition from a phase's red state to the next phase changes from 3 to 6 seconds.

Our video shows SCOPE being controlled by its Java GUI. SCOPE/with NTCIP also works with the wireless Android tablet GUI. The video also shows SCOPE controlling an ITS cabinet. There is no difference between SCOPE controlling an ITS cabinet or a NEMA TS-2 cabinet. There is a check-box in SCOPE's control GUI that selects the output - ITS, NEMA-TS2, or none (for PC testing). SCOPE is easily modified to output any traffic control protocol.

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