SCOPE by ATI is a product that has been fielded and has controlled a live intersection during rush hour. Advanced Technologies, Inc. is a very small company that specializes in real-time safety critical software development for embedded systems. We have presented SCOPE at transportation conferences and it was well received by representatives of world wide companies and governments.

ATI will:

* Answer SCOPE general questions free of charge.

* Provide limited free of charge support for SCOPE.  Extensive support will require payment.

ATI is interested in the following

* Outside investors who realize how revolutionary an inexpensive open source traffic control system is. You supply the management, capital, sales, marketing, etc. We supply the engineering and support.

* A joint venture with a University. University students/researchers develop traffic controller hardware with our guidance. We help them integrate SCOPE onto the hardware and provide support to the University.  We help them develop their own traffic control algoriths.  

Foreign companies and universities are welcome.


We will reply as soon as possible


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