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Traffic Intersection Control Logic: We have developed open source, real time, safety critical, dual redundant intersection control software. We ported it to PCs, PowerPC Board, Raspberry PI, and Advanced Traffic Controllers. SCOPE contains both a remote Java based GUI and wireless Android tablet interface. Currently, SCOPE can control a NEMA TS2 cabinet and an ITS cabinet. SCOPE can also simulate up to 64 intersection sensors.

NTCIP (Traffic Control) Generic Libraries: ATI has developed generic dynamic SNMP agents to process NTCIP 1201 and 1202 (ATC Controller) commands. Our open source traffic controller software uses these agents to connect to a Central Management System. The agents are thread safe and have interfaces allowing the libraries to be added to any application. Other MIB definitions (in addition to 1201 and 1202) can easily be incorporated into the generic libraries.

Click here to learn mode about SCOPE or go to http://advancedtechcorp.com/SCOPE

Tri-Lateral Frigate Missile System: Under contract to Raytheon for software life-cycle development of a NATO shipboard missile (SM2,ESSM) defense system for the Netherlands and Germany. Developed tasking model, black box interface software, missile guidance software, data recording software, and software diagnostics. Responsible for software integration/debugging of missile guidance software. Responsible for hardware integration of missile guidance CSCI on embedded VME Sparc 5/50 boards running VX-Works. Ported missile guidance and trajectory software from Verdix development environment to GNAT. Performed all timing analysis work. Thale’s Sigma Splice was used for data storage, message passing, and as a control layer on top of VxWorks. Missiles use Interruptable Continuous Wave Illumination (ICWI).

Please go here TFC or https://www.naval-technology.com/projects/dezeven/ for more information.

Submarine Tracking: Development of a submarine based Multiple Hypothesis Tracking system. Software was developed using Ada to both Mil-Std 2167a and British JSP-188 standards. Software was targeted at multiple PowerPC’s running LynxOS and communicated over a VME bus. Responsibilities include manpower scheduling, inter-processor communication design/implementation, input database design, hardware/software procurement, software process definition, tasking design, and software/hardware integration. This fixed price project met schedule and was under budget resulting in large profits for the company. Mr. Gardinier, ATI President and CTO, was the lead software engineer on this Lockheed-Martin (previously Orincon) program.

Joint Military UHF Satellites: Software development of a Network Management System for UHF satellites. Responsibilities include requirements specification, use cases specification, three tier architectural design, development of software/interfaces for Ada95, Java, C++ clients, servers, object factories (Solaris, NT, Win95), development of Ada95 satellite resource controller software, and software integration of GUI, application, and database components. Primary author of Software Development Plan. Evaluated object oriented CASE tools, CORBA, Ada95 and Java tool-sets. This project was performed by ATI staff member Mark Gardinier consulting at the Navy's SPAWAR facility.

Navy Cooperative Engagement Capability: For Raytheon, ATI performed real-time Ada (and 68040 assembly) software development on a Navy Data Distribution System. Our tasks included porting a Telesoft Ada Compiler to a MVME-135/165 multiple CPU based target, software/hardware integration using HP-9000 multiple pod emulator, design/coding of software for 1) multiple CPU communication, 2) the system tasking structure, 3) NAVY NTDS communication boards, 4) real-time data recording/display, and 5) for custom communication board interfaces. Project is now known as the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC).

For more information on the CEC program, please see CEC or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooperative_Engagement_Capability

BAE-146 Autopilot: Software lifecycle development for a dual redundant Autopilot and Flight Director. Major areas of responsibility included pitch axis control law development and ARINC-429 data input processing. Performed by an ATI team member consulting to Honeywell.

Army Single Subscriber Terminal: Ada software for an Army field communications terminal (SST) using a validated Alsys Ada compiler (8086 target) and a Verdix Ada Compiler (80386 target). Tasks included designing, implementing and testing Ada software, and software/hardware integration.

Iconic Code Environment: Research for a software/systems engineering CAD/CASE tool. A NASA sponsored research contract for development of a toolkit to help automate the development of large real-time application systems.

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